The Resource Investing News Advance Guide to PDAC

Tue, Feb 28, 2012
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This post was also published today on Resource Investing News. If we have missed your event or you are exhibiting and you’re not on the list, please let us know. A link to this post is going to be going to our newsletter subscribers all week, so you will still get recognition, even if you are added to the list now.

See you in Toronto!

The annual PDAC Trade Show is upon us! This year the show runs from March 4th to 7th, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. The show attracts exhibitors and visitors from across the Americas and around the world.

The show will feature many Resource Investing News Network sponsors and is an excellent opportunity for you – the investor audience – to connect with credible resource companies. We are happy to provide you with our advanced guide to the show, including booth numbers, a map of the showroom floor, special event listings and details, and the date and times for presentations you may wish to attend.

The Resource Investing News editorial team will also be attending the show – stay tuned for our in-depth coverage of the hot topics and events of PDAC 2012.

We look forward to seeing you at the show! Enjoy!

Investor Events

Cervello Capital Inc.
Sports and Cocktails – Leafs vs. Bruins
Resal Sports Bar & Grill, 15 York St. in the upper deck space
Tuesday, March 6, 6:30
RSVP to:

Cuoro Resources Corporation (TSX-V:CUA)
Presentation and cocktail event in collaboration with Tembo Gold, Salazar, QRS Capital
Oakville Room, Intercontinental Hotel
Tuesday, March 6, 2-5PM

Li3 Energy Inc. (OTC:LIEG)
Presentation and reception
Blake Lounge, National Club, 303 Bay St.
Tuesday, March 6, 5-7PM
RSVP to:

VMS Ventures Inc. (TSX-V:VMS)
Haliburton Room, Intercontinental Hotel
Tuesday, March 6, 6:00PM

White Tiger Mining Corp. (TSX-V:WTC)
Presentation and reception – Plans for 2012 Exploration and Financing
New Brunswick Room, Fairmont Royal York
Sunday, March 4, 7-10PM


American Vanadium Corp. (TSX-V:AVC)
Room 802 AB,
March 6, 3:20PM
Apogee Silver Ltd. (TSX-V:APE)
Room 802 AB,
March 6, 3:20PM
BacTech Environmental Corporation (CNSX:BAC)
Sponsor company, CNSX Booth 2110,
March 5
Colossus Minerals Inc. (TSX-CSI)
Room 801A,
March 5, 10:40AM
Continental Gold Ltd. (TSX-CNL)
Room 801A,
March 5, 11:00AM
  Cuoro Resources Corporation (TSX-V:CUA)
Room 803AB,
March 5, 10:00AM
  Energizer Resources Inc. (TSX:EGZ)
Room 801B,
March 5, 10:00AM
  Formation Metals Inc. (TSX:FCO)
Room 713,
March 6, 4:30PM
  Lithium One Inc. (TSX-V:LI)
Room 801B,
March 6, 11:00AM
  Malaga Inc. (TSX:MLG)
Room 801B,
March 6, 4:20PM
  Noront Resources Ltd. (TSX-V:NOT)
Room 801B,
March 6, 4:40PM
  Stornoway Diamond Corporation (TSX:SWY)
Room 802 AB,
March 6, 10:20AM
  Sunset Cove Mining Inc. (TSX:SSM)
Room 205DC, North Building,
March 5, 2-5PM
  Tournigan Energy Ltd. (TSX-V:TVC)
Room 801B,
March 5, 2:20Pm
  Western Potash Corp. (TSX-V:WPX)
Room 801B,
March 6, 3:20PM
  Woulfe Mining Corp. (TSX-V:WOF)
Room 715,
March 7, 10:50AM

Sponsor Booth Numbers

  Allana Potash 2542
  American Bonanza 2414
  American Manganese 2600
  Anglo-Canadian 2325
  Ansell Capital 2349
  Apogee Silver 2739
  Avino Gold and Silver Mines 3043
  Bravada Gold 2451
  Bravo Gold 2451
  Colossus Minerals 2850
  Commerce Resources 2817
  Conquest Resources 2751
  Continental Gold 2105
  CuOro Resource 2947
  Diamcor Mining 2809
  Energizer Resources 2348
  Fission Energy 2621
  Formation Metals 2416
  Geologix Explorations 2223
  Goldgroup Mining 3148
  Happy Creek 2425
  Helio Resource Corp. 3117
  Inter-Citic Minerals 2215
  Largo Resources 2538
  Latin American Minerals 2518
  Lions Gate Metals 2514
  Lithium One 3224
  Malaga 2748
  Molycor Gold 2600
  Nevada Copper 2604
  NioGold 3348
  Noront Resources 2631
  North Arrow Minerals 2405
  Northern Freegold 2806
  Paragon Minerals 2327
  Playfair Mining 2353
  Prophecy Coal 2607
  Prophecy Platinum 2607
  Purepoint 2636
  Quantum Rare Earth Developments 2636
Red Metal Resources 3024
  Rock Tech Lithium 2613
  Rodinia Lithium 2527
  Source Exploration 3335
  South American Silver 2109
  Southern Silver 2451
  Stina Resources 2744
  Stornoway Diamond 2938
  Strongbow Exploration 2707
  Tamerlane Ventures 3352
  Thelon Capital 2132
  Timberline Resources 2543
  Tournigan Energy 2519
  Valterra Resources 2451
  Virgin Metals 2633
  Western Potash 3218
  Xtierra 2751
  Yellowhead Mining 2440
  Zimtu Capital 2819
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