Submission Guidelines

Dig Media Inc. has created a range of web sites and other media properties that educate and inform investors on the state of the market in a variety of commodities. A list of web sites is below.

Each site provides business news, financial information and analytical tools on the commodity market it covers. The websites offer investors and the industry comprehensive news, views and commentary on all aspects of the resource business including information on the industry’s leading companies, players and events.

If you are interested in submitting your work to Dig Media, take a look at the following Submission Guidelines. If possible, read posts for the commodity you would like to write about before submitting.

Dig Media publishes a number of items every week day. Your article should be topical and current, but not covering breaking news. You can submit for more than one commodity and as frequently as you like. Send unpublished material only (we consider work published elsewhere on-line to be previously published).


Dig Media targets two sets of readers:

1. Retail investors – retail investors fall under many demographic and cultural groups. They have varying levels of background in investing and understanding of resources and exploration. However, generally they are hungry for knowledge, looking to increase their net wealth, and they are willing to take a risk.

2. Institutional investors – these readers are largely male and 30-50 years old. Brokers and sales managers are less analytical and are looking for “the story”. Analysts and fund managers are analytical and want access to details. This group is generally very knowledgeable and are looking for headlines with background details available.


  • Submit all documents in Rich Text format, double spaced, formatted in 12 point, Arial font, with headings in bold type.
  • Include a title under 40 characters long
  • Include an excerpt under 50 words long
  • Subheads should be included where appropriate.
  • No other formatting other than carriage returns are required.
  • Three to four references should be included as a hyperlink in the text.
  • All currencies in US unless otherwise noted.
  • Canadian/British spelling eg. neighbour.
  • For public companies, the symbol should be included. For example, “Longview Capital Partners (TSX: LV)” or “Waratah Coal Inc. (TSX-V: WCI)”.

Referencing other Dig articles

Please include one line at the bottom of your commentaries that reference a commentary on another site.  For example, “Nickel continues to slide.  For details, see “Nickel Leads as Metals Slide” on” with appropriate links.


By submitting your work to Dig Media, you are transferring copyright and all serial rights to Dig Media. If we decline to publish your work, copyright will revert to you.

Sending work

All submissions will be read. Response time is typically from 2-4 days.

Send submissions to editor “at”